Monday, January 21, 2013

Tschüss, Deutschland!

My time in Germany has come to an end. I have a serious case of the sads. I spent the last night in Frankfurt as that's where my connecting flight to Abu Dhabi left from. 

Pretty art in the hotel lobby.

Last breakfast in bed: scrambled eggs, sausage, croissants, bagel, brötchen, poppyseed bread, apricot/raspberry/strawberry jam in edible cups, nutella, butter, orange juice, coffee. Sigh. 

I tried to stock up on Haribo gummies at the airport while waiting for my flight. Those suckers were heavy. 

Flying over sand dunes en route to Abu Dhabi.

Butter chicken at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The service in the food area of Abu Dhabi Airport is terrible. Absolutely terrible... it made my frown turn upside down when Etihad Airlines decided to upgrade me to first class. These seats are roomy and stretch out into a fully reclining bed.

Complimentary Mimosas and hot towels. Yes please.

The best part of first class on Etihad Airlines is the food. You can order anything off the menu whenever you want. I went for the mushroom-filled kraftkorn bread (not pictured) and traditional Arabic mezze which had a selection of Middle Eastern appetizers like hummus. All vegetarian, Halal-suitable, and DELICIOUS.

The main course was the Korean bibimbap, which had ground beef, shiitake mushrooms, pickled seaweed, sesame oil, various vegetables, rice, and hot pepper paste. Not as delicious as Korean Airline's (predictably) but still pretty good. 

A puff coming out of a hill. It looked like the mountain was smoking. 

I arrived in Seoul, tired but happy that I'd made this trip. I miss the food in Europe already! Now it's time for a detox and hopefully I'll make it back out to Europe, sooner rather than later. 

Bis zum nächsten Mal, Deutschland!

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