Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Eve and Days in Berlin

For New Year's, the boy surprised me with 4 nights in Berlin. It was a lovely affair, filled with excitement and adventures, but we managed to fit in some cuddle time as well.

Windmills everywhere! I am a fan of alternative sources of power woot woot.

We drove in on New Year's Day. 

After a 2.5 hour drive, we needed a bit of a snooze to be able to withstand the long night, but after we checked into the Sofitel Hotel Berlin Gendarmenmarkt, we got to exploring:

We could only stand outside and sadly look into the Gendarmenmarkt because we had no time for the last few days of Weihnachtsmarkt goodness. 
This impressive old thing? Smack in front of our hotel.

After we couldn't walk any longer, we went back to our hotel and realized that there was an in-house sauna located on the 7th floor with sweeping views of the city. It beckoned, and we couldn't resist, so we threw on our plush robes and padded our way up to the top of our hotel. We relaxed in some steam and foot baths before relaxing into a cuddle position beneath the burgeoning stars. No pictures here, I was too busy soaking in the ambience, sorry!... not sorry.

Having had our fill of romance, we scooted downstairs to our room and got ready. I had a plethora of choices in jewelry for the night: 

After looking in the mirror and taking at least half of these off, I was ready to go!

We called the hotel taxi and were swept away to Felix ClubRestaurant. After dispensing with our outer garments, we were led down grand staircases to where we were greeted with a flute of bubbly. Having been seated, a harp player started to play.

The dinner was advertised a "fondue chinois" with a variety of meats, seafoods and dip, dishes of potato-jalapeño casserole, sweet potato casserole, dessert of run cake with caramelized pears, etc., etc.

The wine was advertised as free-flowing, but both the red and white selections were incredibly sour and low end. The service was also lacking, with the waiters often not coming to refill or check on our progress until very late in the dinner. Not what I'd expected for the price paid.

After a slightly disappointing dinner, we were hoping to ring in the New Year right, so we hurried upstairs, threw on our coats, and caught the fireworks show over the Brandenburg Gate. It was über romantic. 

The hooligans throwing homemade smoke bombs next to us were not.

We went downstairs again to usher in 2013 with some dancing. There was an astonishing mixture of old and young shimmying their booties and it was an interesting experience, to say the least.

The next morning warranted a "knock, knock, room service!" (in German, natürlich). Nothing ushers in the new year right than seeing this ordered into your room: 

The rest of the day was spent lounging and venturing out for a bit of a stroll around Berlin, arm in arm. 

Some jumping around seemed appropriate:

Lonely naked tree.

Altogether a perfect start to the new year.

Hope your 2013 started off with love, joy, and happiness, a mere taste of what the rest of 2013 has to offer! I'll blog about the rest of my stay in Germany soon. Til then, muah my lovelies!

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