Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Göttingen Through Pictures

I do love me some words!, so my posts tend to be a bit (exaggeration) lengthy. In Göttingen, the boy's hometown, we did a lot of downtime and relaxing, plus I had the cold (due to the currywurst from Hell, I'm not sure). We walked around the lake, had some delicious and not-so-delicious meals, and made some yummy home-cooked meals (i.e. the boy cooked, I sat and ate it). Here it is in full technicolor and minor commentary:

A German bonzai tree?

A tree weeping red berries- some of you may have seen this on my Instagram

A close-up of the little red (probably poisonous) berries.

Playing with my Panorama button on my iPhone weeeee.

Legit farmside.

Legit farm, complete with roosters and chickens.

I thought this house was the cutest little box. I want to live here and raise square chickens.

Well-deserved caffe latte after a rainy, cold 10 gazillion kilometer trek around the lake. 

Burger and mini-salad for him.

House salad with... I swear these was plastic cubes masquerading as feta cheese. 

Cold and rainy? Yes. Ice-cream after? Always.

My artsy fartsy contribution of the day. You also may have seen this on my Instagram

Knowing my love for fish, the boy made some delicious breaded fish and long-grained rice with tomato sauce. 

Dessert: apple sauce with coconut shavings and some nuts. 

Had this for dinner somewhere but don't remember where. It wasn't that memorable to do an entire review on it but perhaps next time. 

See? Short and simple. xoxo

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