Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cologne: A Whirlwind Tour

The trip to München was altogether short-lived. I wanted to stay longer but Köln (Cologne) beckoned its pointy finger to us.

The landscape as we drove past. Sky + trees = happiness.

Seriously straight trees. The bendy one on the far right was kicked out of the group picture. 

Hmm. Rhinoceros in our lobby. Sorry about the graininess :(


Cologne Cathedral (Dom) at night after our dinner at Hanse Stube. I wrote a separate restaurant review about that here.   I look cold... because I was. 

More feathery cloud paintings in a beautifully blue sky. 

I swear I wasn't wearing the same things every day. Just the same jacket. 

We decided some tapas would be delicious in our bellies. I'm not sure of the restaurant name because we had just entered it on a whim whilst wandering.

Dorade yums- not as delicious as La Vecchia Masseria in Munich though. 

Cologne Cathedral daytime. It's the largest Gothic church in Northern Europe.

Some obligatory jumping. Those darn tourists.

Boxes upon boxes. I'm not sure what structure this is but it seemed cleverly made.

Sandwiches on display.

We only spent a day and a half in Cologne. Beautiful city. Take me back!


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