Sunday, December 30, 2012

Frankfurt Arrival (I'm Not Dead!)

I arrived in Frankfurt, dead exhausted, having only the knowledge that I had snapped this hilarious photo while on layover in Abu Dhabi warm my tired little heart:

They look like they're about to jump right in that airport cart!

Since a 4?5?AM arrival is not too pleasant, the boy had the perfect remedy: the best hotel breakfast in town.

Saw these lego displays while walking to the destination. I hope this employee got overtime!

The Jumeirah Frankfurt is a luxury boutique hotel situated right in the heart of Frankfurt. The entrance is beautiful, the concierge impeccable, the elevators so high-tech they were confusing, and I could have sat in the washroom for hours sniffing in the fresh clean scent. In my daze of the near 20+ hour trip, however, I was in no mood to be artsy and take photos of the decor. We went straight to the "Max on One" restaurant that had a cozy sofa and armchair atmosphere and had the breakfast buffet. 

After a bit of this delicious cafe latte with brown sugar, I was in a better mood. 

For breakfast, I went for one of my favorites: eggs benedict. 

It was a little... shall we say, minimalistic. I'm used to big bad boys with toasted English muffins, thick slabs of ham, beautifully poached eggs that just dribble that gorgeous yolk when your knife hits the center, and a rich creamy Hollandaise sauce. This was that... except minus the richness. Let's think positive and say, boy is this great for my diet or what?!

Amazing freshly squeezed juice selection, none of which I tried because I was too busy inhaling my caffeine trying desperately to wake out of zombie mode. 

Croissants, dill, fresh vegetables and all sorts of baked goods are included in the buffet. 

My favorite part of the breakfast buffet was this giant honeycomb creation smack dab in the middle of the giant table spread. Jumeirah Frankfurt is known for having four beehives on top of their hotel tower, and actively harvesting fresh honey on site for their various desserts such as the Skyline Honey Parfait dessert, which is DEFINITELY on my list to try next time I'm there. 

As we stumbled out into the breaking dawn of a quiet Sunday, I was overwhelmed with food coma and thought the juxtaposition of these shadowed naked trees against the pale blue sky was the loveliest sight in the world. I promptly took a photo and ran with romantic glee into the arms of the boy, but poor coordination due to a jet-lagged state resulted in both our shins smashing into each other. I had the black and blue bruise for the duration of my stay in Germany. Lesson learned. 

Our final destination was not Frankfurt but Göttingen, so we had a few hours of a mini road trip to look forward to. Having been acclimated to living in a bustling, hustling metropolis of Seoul with 10.5 million other people made me forget that other places in the world have abundance of land and sky. What a stunning ride. 

More adventures in Germany coming soon! xoxo

PS: The Jumeirah Frankfurt is ranked the 3rd best luxury boutique hotel in Frankfurt, so it doesn't come cheap, but the breakfast/brunch is worth its weight in gold! I would recommend going there for a classy breakfast to make yourself feel better about that raging hangover and questionable antics that happened the night before whilst clubbing. The "Max on One" restaurant has their brunch going on til 14:30 on weekends, so get yourself over there and nosh on their delicious croissants and meat spreads.

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