Sunday, December 30, 2012

First (Dreaded) Blog Post!

After much thought, I'm finally starting my own blog! I thought the best time to create it would be, you know, when I'm visiting another country. 

Feeling vomit-y on the taxi ride to the airport, thanks to a rushed morning and an even more rushed taxi ride. Swervin' and breaking all sorts of laws, yo!

Airport essential of my sturdy LV Palermo.

I'm flying into Germany via Abu Dhabi. I totally almost missed my flight in Seoul. i got distracted by MAC, YSL, and Chanel. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I ran through the entire concourse to my terminal, which of course was located all the way at the farthest end possible. Three attendants with walking talkies ran with me. They must get a lot of exercise.

Thoughts on Etihad Airlines? I think they strive to be a top notch airline, but honestly, I've had better service and food on international flights on Korean Air. The Etihad crew seemed scattered, like they've never seem a food tray before. Usually on an airline, the time between the food served for all passengers is very short, as the crew moves from one end of the plane to the other. This time, there was a period of a good 45 minutes between the smells of the food wafting from service of one end of the plane til the time I was served. My stomach was complaining for that entire duration. You can imagine the look on my face. Also, they ran out of orange and apple juice. Um, hello? The entire plane ordered juices?

Cute but completely incompetent Etihad Airlines attendant. 

But onward, outward. I'm landing in Jan Abu Dhabi right now, and can I just say the Palms Islands are stunning at night when they're all lit up. Let's hope for a smooth landing and transition to Frankfurt. I would be demolishing the duty free shops but I'm too exhausted after the ten hour flight. I'm just going to drape myself on the chairs in front of my connecting flight terminal because knowing me, I'll miss it otherwise. Wish me luck!

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